Sticky: Why Roadside Assistance is a “Must”

Welcome to National Road Ready – where anyone can invest in an extended service agreement for any new or used vehicle. Along with our Platinum coverage plan you receive Roadside Assistance for the term of your service contract.

When your kids head off for college, or your spouse takes your car for the day, or you are headed on a road trip for business, you want to ensure that you and your family will be protected in the event of a breakdown. It’s probably the last thing people worry about because 95% of the time everything will be fine. When you and your family has this type of Roadside Assistance in addition to your service contract on your new vehicle, you’ll never have to worry about anyone being stranded on the side of the road in a dangerous situation. One call will have help on the way.

What Does Roadside Assistance Cover?

The roadside assistance offered with your National Road Ready service contract is the same coverage as the vehicle assistance policy. You will have access to towing in case your car breaks down and leaves you stranded. This type of policy also covers flat tires, jump-starts, fuel delivery, locksmith and more.

And best of all, it is good 24/7, 365 days/year.


What’s Special about the Roadside Assistance Coverage?

You can call for help if your car has a flat tire or the battery goes dead. If your car breaks down, you can call the 1-800 number on the card and a tow truck will be on the way.

If your daughter has a job that requires her to take the company car out on business and she accidentally locks the keys in the vehicle, no worry. A locksmith will be on their way in no time to take care of the problem.

This type of coverage is priceless and is included with any Platinum level coverage from National Road Ready. Don’t assume any risk, be sure you get covered today!