Pimp Your Ride? You May Void Your Warranty

So you just bought that killer ride you’ve been wanting for years. You picked it up from the used car lot for a steal. You couldn’t wait to get it into your buddie’s shop where you lowered it, changed out the wheels to a low profile rim and left just ¾” clearances on the rail casters (just in case). You stiffened the suspension and changed out the exhaust. Finally, you added the newest chipset for a ride that will literally smoke the competition.
One problem though. . . That extended warranty you bought back at the dealership. Its now as worthless as the paper its printed on. It seems it only covers the vehicle’s that maintain “manufacturer’s original specifications”.
Sure that new turbo makes for smashing quarter mile records, but be sure you read the fine print in your warranties coverage. Most base, Certified-Pre-Owned and extended coverage models will not cover after-market changes to the vehicles original specifications. Make sure the changes you make to improve your ride, don’t compromise your ride’s warranty. Most will delineate what is and isn’t kosher, but don’t find yourself broken down with an certified manufacturer related problem, before you find out that aftermarket air filter cost you the $1,500 bucks you would have got back from the warranty company – Instead, its coming out of your pocket. A bitter pill, to be sure, after probably having spent thousands extra on the warranty itself.